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OCTOBER 15, 2019

“Rise up and shine, for your light has come. The shining-greatness of the Lord has risen upon you.” Isaiah 60:1

32 years ago this month, I went to sleep with a colostomy bag on me, which the “specialists” said I would wear for the rest of my life. The next day it was gone and I was healed! Hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, my life would become a whirlwind of usefulness and, without embellishment, historic achievements globally – especially in Russia. I would preside over a multi-million dollar humanitarian Christian outreach that l, along with thousands of American volunteers, would end up touching millions.

Then nightmares came calling. The death of my firstborn child, Beth Anne. The divorce after a 38-year marriage. A financially crippling disability with a diagnosis of Hepatitis C. Death, Divorce and Disability. Anyone of them could slay 10 men. All three left me wondering if I would even live to tell of it, much less if God could ever use me again.

Well, fast forward a few years later. Susan and I have returned from the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, where we had the privilege to attend the 2019 AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors) World Conference called RISE UP with seven thousand counselors! Upon arrival, I was put on a panel with the Executive Director of the Health and Human Services answering questions from mental health professionals and faith leaders from across the country who are trying to save those who suffer with addiction issues.

Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, spoke on “Christian” leadership. A genuinely humble man – he moved us all to action to touch our worlds. He said, “ While others ran from the battle, David ran towards it when he killed Goliath!”

After that, on the final day, Dr. Tim Clinton, my precious friend and the founder of the AACC, announced my new position as Ambassador for Mental Health and Addiction. I spoke very briefly and engaged the thousands there to actually pray with me as we proceed on in battle to see God’s dream for our country come true!

Then we were surprised by legendary Country Music Star Connie Smith. She picked my wife up and took us for lunch! Her encouraging message was, “God will use every single painful thing you have been through for His glory and your good.”

Oh yes. I almost forgot. Three weeks ago, after a few days of intensely praying for a person I heard wanted to be a preacher – suddenly (out of nowhere almost literally) I got a call to come, be with him. Kanye West flew us to Chicago sent a limo to get us and treated us like royalty. We labored almost 28 hours straight in a whirlwind of bible study, prayer and some of the sweetest gospel music I’ve ever heard this side of heaven!

I suppose I will live after all. Maybe God isn’t finished with me yet. I know I have a divine fire burning in my bones. And a clear call to synthesize science and faith.


FEBRUARY  5, 2018

As I type this it feels like I am dreaming. There’s just something about believing God for the impossible. When you receive your miracle, you know the impossible can be done. Still, there is a surreal like feeling when your miracle comes that it feels like a dream–except it’s not. God has done for you what you could not do for yourself.

It is with the deepest humility and astounded awe at God's mercy that I send this letter to you to announce that once again–ALMIGHTY GOD HAS TOUCHED MY BODY AND HEALED ME! Hepatitis C has taken my body down since the blood transfusion I received in 1983 where I contracted it and now I am cured! PRAISE BE TO THE NAME OF JEHOVAH-RAPHA! He indeed has done “exceedingly, abundantly above anything we could ask or think” and we are so thankful.

Not only are we thankful for that–I also praise him for you. Thank you for never giving up on me and believing God with me for the miracle healing I’ve been seeking for nearly five years now. Being disabled from preaching the gospel might have been harder than just simply dying would have been.

Since the day the Lord Jesus Christ saved my soul through faith in the finished work of the Cross and healed my body (the first time) of a colostomy, I’ve wanted the entire world to know his awesome and faithful love also.

After my daughter Beth’s tragic death and the subsequent divorce that followed I thought perhaps God was through with me as He allowed so much crushing heartbreak and mind numbing defeat to come my way. I’ve never know heart felt pain like I have in the last few years of my life. I never found it necessary to use drugs or alcohol to cope but I can say I felt so sad I thought I could die.

However I never stopped believing. I love the Lord and once again know by experience that His promises are true. Deuteronomy 31:6 “Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.” In my darkest hours God never left me nor has He rejected me. He is gone with me through so many tears.

I not only preached to live since my youth I have lived to preach! The one thing that kept me going was the sure hope that no matter how far down the scale I fell there would be a way to help others. To help others see that success and failure are both impostors and the only true reality is the presence of the Lord. I knew that in His presence is life and when we live in His Light we see Light. So I pressed on and boy am I glad I did.

Then, in his incredible mercy and goodness God provided a new person to assist me in the global task of preaching the gospel to the world. Her name is Susan and I could never thank God enough for sending me a person of such incredible intellect, passion and creativity to be by my side. I still couldn’t figure out how to get back out in the crusade for souls again though with so much weakness.

Well it’s finally happened! When I got the news from the VERY surprised doctor that I had been cured amazingly fast from hepatitis C I thought to myself “the Heavenly Father is up to something … First Susan now a healing …., I bet he’s going to finally use me again”. Then I uncover this letter that is presented before you today. It is a letter approving me to go to every public school student in palm beach county Florida in the Power of a Choice assemblies against bullying and addiction. That’s 236,000 people face to face that I can speak before and potentially bring the good news of the Kingdom of God.

That’s why I am writing today. I never could go do a job like this and there is no way I can now without you. Please stop and pray right now and ask God what he would have you to do to get the preacher dude, Rick Amato back out there preaching. This time as a missionary to America and the public school children of the United States. If you would give money to help people anywhere in the world THEN PLEASE GIVE TO HELP OUR OWN KIDS- THE KIDS OF AMERICA! This incredible door is opened and all I need to do is be sent through it. That’s right be sent.

The Bible is real clear when it says “how can they go unless they be sent”. Maybe you can’t reach the public schools of America, hundreds of thousands of young people alone but we can together. The door is open and I have a badge with my name on it to go speak available through the year 2023. I can influence them to stay away from drugs and booze and find healing instead of giving in to the biggest bully of all-drugs and alcohol. I can influence them to put the main priority of their lives on their spiritual life by knowing God. God gave me that gift and I want to use it for Him however I can’t influence them without your help. We can influence them together.

Susan’s grandfather is the man who wrote and performed the most widespread and best-selling Blue Grass Country Song of all time. People thought he was mentally ill but he was in fact an alcoholic. Perhaps if he had been diagnosed properly and treated like Susan and I are giving treatment to those suffering now (Susan is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist in Florida, Michigan and Maryland both to practice mental health professionals and train them! ) he would have written and recorded even more blockbuster superstar music. Susan has from her family heirlooms the only time he himself ever recorded the song and when I heard it I got cold chills.

Now for the first time through an exclusive licensing agreement, in honor of Mr. Ervin T. Rouse we are going to provide the first ever copy of the song performed by him personally from his home recordings the Audio CD of the best-selling bluegrass song ever written “THE ORANGE BLOSSOM SPECIAL” to the first 250 people who respond to help us get Rick Amato back out into the public schools of America. In Ervin’s honor every penny donated will go to help the kids of America hear about the power of a choice. In 1981 Ervin prayed to be saved on his death bed. May Ervin’s story live on as you and I together help these kids stay away from what is killing 175 people a day and introduce them to THE ONE who will never leave them and forsake them. Thank you with all of my heart.