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Knowing God and Making Him Known
The Story of RAM: Highlights of the First Thirty Years

Rick Amato Ministries, or RAM, has been serving the Lord and His people through the local church for the past 35 years. Well over one million decisions have been recorded over the course of time. Now, with God's guidance, Amato is ministering to pastors, churches, evangelists and others to do the same, claiming at least two million more will be saved and know the true meaning of grace through the message of Jesus and Him Crucified.

Dr. Amato has traveled in 47 countries and preached in almost all 50 states. He is also the founder and president of KidsCare, a multi-million dollar, non-profit humanitarian and educational organization. KidsCare has been used by God to open doors into foreign countries often hostile to missionaries. With U.S. government sanctioning, KidsCare has already delivered over ten million dollars in medicine and surgical equipment into many nations, including over five million to Cuba.

Dr. Amato and his teams have traveled extensively in Cuba, China and Russia (as well as other hard to reach nations) where he personally met with Presidents Gorbachev and Yeltsin and conducted the first and only all out Gospel preaching crusades in the Kremlin. In this historic breakthrough in Russia, over 1,500,000 Russian Scriptures were distributed.

God also used RAM to print and distribute 100,000 Scriptures on the island nation of Cuba. These Scriptures were Cuban-designed and translated and were also anonymous, with the first page simply saying, "A gift from your Creator." This is a FIRST in Cuban and American history!

The facilitation of American and foreign believers working together to save the lives of sick children, distribute Scriptures and preach the Cross has birthed a movement of its own. Over 6,000 people have traveled with him on mission endeavors and over five hundred are on the field full time today. Hundreds of churches and two seminaries have been started.

With tensions escalating in the Middle East and transition afoot within the final remaining communist nation in the Western Hemisphere, Dr. Amato's international outreach efforts continue to be in full force and widening. RAM placed 7,000 Pakistani Bibles into the hands of converted Muslims hiding for their lives in the mountains. Hundreds have been converted from Islam and baptized.

Here at home, having himself recovered from addiction in his youth, Rick is passionate about reaching the young people of the United States with his message about addiction and choices. Sportscaster James Brown, former Congressman Steve Largent, the late Reggie White and others have supported and endorsed Dr. Amato's secular War On Addiction® and Power of a Choice campaigns. The President of the United States has personally received a DVD of the War On Addiction®, which Rick has taken directly to the youth of America.

He has spoken face-to-face to well over 1,300,000 elementary, junior high, senior high and college students in the last few years, explaining to youth that they have the power to choose, but cannot choose the consequences of their choices. This is almost always done in close cooperation with the local church, which is near and dear to Dr. Amato's heart, and has resulted in enormous harvests with some churches doubling in their number and each church penetrating the public marketplace as never before. Widespread media attention has followed. His television special for young people, The Preacher Dude, has aired multiple times on VH-1 and Fox television networks.

Dr. Amato and the RAM team believe in spreading the love and grace of God through the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the preaching of His Word through the local church. Dr. Amato has held meetings in well over 1,200 local churches. As the late Pastor Jerry Falwell put it, "Rick Amato is not only unusually talented, but supernaturally anointed by God.”

Rick has a heart to listen to the pastor and a burning message in his soul from God to the American local church. Above all, besides his wife Nancy, their five children (who were at one point all teenagers at the same time) and his ten grandchildren, the greatest passion of his life continues to be the preaching of Jesus and Him crucified. His family shares his passion to reach beyond the over 1,200 churches where God has used Amato's gift as an evangelist to continue to bring in the harvest for the kingdom of God. Amato's constant prayer is, "Give us souls, give us souls, give us souls!"

Amato calls himself "a turtle on a fence post." When asked why, Amato coyly questions, "What do you know when you see a turtle on a fence post? Somebody else put him there." To God be all the glory!



Have you seen Jesus?

Letter to Jesus

This letter was received from a young man I just call, "Chas," who played Jesus Loves Me perfectly for me on his birthday. He has been parented by two of our greatest warriors, and the best is yet to come. Just like we leave the best to be defined by God, we also leave the answer to this little angel's question to the imagination of the millenniums. Many claim to have seen Yeshua El Nazaree (Jesus of Nazareth), and accounts about Him vary regarding what He looked like when He was here on earth.


There is a story about how St. Francis of Assisi forsook everything to be God's and yet remained sleepless for weeks. In outrage, he prayed for sleep and asked God what he had left undone. Supposedly, God answered him that until he found a leper and kissed him, he would never really see Christ or know Him. Then, he had a vision that God would stop the rain and bells would ring, which he should follow the next morning.


The following day, his companion, Leo, witnessed as St. Francis would take no other roads than those that led to the bells. When he came to a leper shaking a staff of bells to warn others to stay away, with the leper's nose and fingers gone and ooze coming from his lips, St. Francis embraced him, kissed him, wrapped the leper in his robe and carried him toward the city. Bro. Leo's testimony is that when they arrived, light was all around St. Francis and his facial hair gone from the conflagration. Leo suggested perhaps lightening from the storm had struck Francis. Weeping for joy, St. Francis said, "All lepers, crippled sinners, if you kiss them become Christ." St. Francis legacy cannot be denied, and this story is neither confirmed nor denied by Citizen Amato.


Many ministries are now focusing on doing social works, which our mother ship, RAM, and our house church movement, Grace Place, have recognized for years as critical for "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

To the right is a photo of a man in West Palm Beach left to die in the hot sun. As my wife found food and water, which he couldn't eat or drink, I told him of a place where there is no sickness, sorrow, suffering or pain. I shared with him that somehow by the shedding of Jesus Christ's blood all of us are forgiven everything, past, present and future, and Christ rose from the dead to prove His blood, handed down through the Jewish faith, was more important than food or water. Gladly receiving the message, for the first and only time, I saw a twinkle in his eye as I told him, "By the blood of Jesus Christ and His resurrection power and authority, your sins are forgiven you." Soon the authorities arrived and took him away.
Rick with dying man

is there someone in your life in great need? Someone from whom others would flee? To me, that person is Christ, and the message to many of my pastor friends, who are focusing on meeting human needs, is to remember as we do to make the main thing the main thing - Jesus and Him crucified, the shed blood of the Lamb of God who has taken away the sin of the world. This is Jesus Christ. He is not only the homeless man on the ground but in the cities where we build roads, an orphanage or a church building. Without the gospel, we forget who we really are.


Absolutely, we do good works in His name, and like St. Francis of Assisi, embrace the sick and suffering that no one else wants to be near. We must see that we, too, are Christ coming to Christ and if we bear not the good news and prioritize sharing it as our primary purpose, soon we will experience in Christendom further division and ultimately, dissolution, its daughter.


This clarion call is to see that every leper is Christ, every outcast is Him, and to run enthusiastically to them to love them passionately. Then, we, too, are Christs, bearing witness that the nail holes in His body and the open wound in His side through the Resurrection provided the Holy Spirit so that each one can reach one. As for Chas' letter, someday, the blessed hope is that during a time of the beginnings of nuclear war, Jesus Christ will return, save all Israel and set up a new government on earth that will last for 1,000 years. Until then, we are Him. Just one look in the mirror reassuring yourself that you are deeply loved, fully pleasing, totally forgiven and completely accepted through the blood of His cross, and out of gratitude changing to become more like Him each day, taking His gospel, especially to the outcasts, is what makes us "the called out ones" - the church not of this world calling others to leave it, also. Until then, HE is everywhere.



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